Top 10 Supply Chain Solution Companies - 2021

The supply chain sector was one of the most affected by the pandemic, but it is quickly recovering and adapting as organizations reinvent and augment their processes with emerging technologies. The integration of these technologies is enabling organizations to adapt to the new normal, facilitating greater traceability, transparency, and visibility, while also improving the end-to-end performance.

Especially, the incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI) is enabling them to reduce the human factor and evolve according to the requirements of the new normal. It is also enabling supply chain teams to take control of the data and derive insights seamlessly. Notably, AI is solving longstanding challenges around data silos and governance by bringing a higher level of visibility and integration across disparate areas of the supply chain.

IoT is also making waves in the supply chain landscape. It is helping businesses to maximize their control over their supply chain operations and optimize the entire range of operations. The sensors leveraged in IoT are also being used to gather critical data and draw insights. Moreover, with predictive analytics, organizations are using the collected data to derive value and use that information to optimize their decision-making processes.

Supply chain organizations are also benefiting from adding a layer of continuous intelligence. By integrating real-time analytics into their business operations, supply chain teams are accelerating the digital transformation of their organizations. By combining data analytics systems with edge computing, organizations are analyzing the data at collection points. This is becoming especially useful when there is an exigent need for low-latency processing and real-time decision making.

To assist logistics businesses in the task of finding accomplished supply chain solution providers, we have compiled this issue of CIOReview. It is elaborately crafted to assist you in fostering productive partnerships and improving performance. In this edition, we have listed the 10 most promising supply chain solutions providers to highlight those making significant contributions to the logistics sector. Equipped with innovative technological capabilities, these solution providers are set to transform the landscape. This edition also blends through thought leadership articles from subject-matter experts, CIOs, and CXOs. We hope this issue of CIOReview helps you build the partnership you and your organization need to foster a workspace driven by robust and efficient technology.

We present to you CIOReview’s “10 Most Promising Supply Chain Solutions Providers - 2021.”

    Supply Chain Solutions Companies

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    At E2open, were creating a more connected, intelligent supply chain. It starts with sensing and responding to real-time demand, supply and delivery constraints. Bringing together data from customers, distribution channels, suppliers, contract manufacturers and logistics partners, our collaborative and agile supply chain platform enables companies to use data in real time, with artificial intelligence and machine learning to drive smarter decisions. All this complex information is delivered in a single view that encompasses your demand, supply, logistics and global trade ecosystems. E2open is changing everything

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    A leading international WMS and logistics software and solutions vendor. With its flagship Logistics Vision Suite (LVS), Mantis helps retail businesses make a seamless and quick transition (almost half the time compared to the competitors) from the conventional brick and mortar business model to an online one. LVS is a customizable, do-it-yourself solution, giving retail businesses the provision to implement it themselves and make modifications according to their requirements. The warehouse automation solution gives retailers optimal order fulfillment capability through real-time inventory monitoring, inventory planning and optimization, vehicle route optimization, proof of delivery, and fleet management. It is important to note that Mantis’ LVS is based on Microsoft’s latest .NET software framework and supports the two most popular relational database management system (RDBMS) systems, i.e., Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle. This framework makes it a highly adaptable system that can gather data on all logistics activities in real-time from a multitude of sources

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    OWNZONES Entertainment Technologies, a video supply chain company, provides digital supply chain solutions that help media companies and services deliver high-quality video content to their consumers globally, at scale, and at a fraction of the standard cost.The firm eliminates the need for businesses to work with multiple disconnected vendors—all with their own set of guidelines and issues—to package, process, and deliver their content. With OWNZONES, companies can reclaim control of their content and the distribution process, no matter where it’s being watched or on what platform

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    Supplylogix provides integrated data-driven solutions that empower pharmacies to enhance patient service levels while controlling inventory expense. A McKesson Corporation subsidiary, the company’s solutions help pharmacists reduce costs, improve efficiency, and optimize their pharmacy supply chain. Their goal is to help take the burden off of pharmacy staff from having to determine the right levels of inventory for each location and allow them to free up time to spend with their patients. The company’s cutting-edge Pinpoint suite of solutions help pharmacies unlock valuable insights hidden within their existing data and empower pharmacy leadership to make meaningful supply chain decisions

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    ThroughPut puts global industrial operations on autopilot while improving free cash flow with the power of AI. ThroughPut, founded only four years ago, supports companies by eliminating supply chain bottlenecks and improving cash flow. Its AI-driven solution maintains the ability to sense changes in downstream demand directly from the customer and quickly reorient manufacturing, supply chain, warehousing, and distribution processes to satisfy consumer needs on an ongoing basis. Helping ERP heads manage several aspects of their supply chain, ThroughPut fills in the gaps between each operation on the shop floor to create a more holistic, conducive approach toward enterprise-wide workflow improvement

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    Verusen is an inventory and data management technology company that uses AI to reduce working capital and support more agile supply chains for complex manufacturing companies. Verusen software provides what it calls “material truth” in inventory management by harmonizing disparate inventory data and providing an accurate network view across the enterprise to manage inventory. Tackling the key challenge of data silos, Verusen automatically integrates with a company’s existing ERP platforms, such as SAP/Oracle, and its disparate data sources, creating a consolidated enterprise view. With this, the organization gains a unified view of all relevant information. Verusen drives optimized inventory decision-making that improves with each passing week. With supply chain data harmonized, Verusen then provides the ability to search for the right materials with accurate quantities across the enterprise while reducing duplicate materials

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    From design to implementation, Vista leverages state-of-the-art warehouse, logistics, staging, and proof-of-concept facilities that enable it to Grand Rapids, MI build and deliver custom-configured solutions. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company for its Quality Management Systems (QMS), Vista also provides a warehouse, serves as a distributor, an ITAD company, and much more, all under one roof. With vast expertise in logistics capabilities that support today’s distributed enterprise, Vista IT Group is one of the largest and most established technology providers in the country

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    Craft is an enterprise intelligence company that provides intelligence to enterprises on other companies that are part of their ecosystem

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    Manhattan Associates

    Manhattan Associates

    As the global Coronavirus pandemic continues to impact businesses and individuals across the globe, Manhattan Associates is working diligently to help our customers, many of whom are on the front lines, to keep life and commerce moving forward. For more than 30 years the company has earned a reputation for building technology solutions that solve the most complex business problems in supply chain, inventory and omnichannel

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    T Exponents

    T Exponents

    T Exponents™ is a strategic technology consulting services and product engineering firm founded in 2015, with headquarters in Bellevue, WA (Seattle Metro) where Trust and Experience Matter