10 Most Promising Supply Chain Consulting/Services Companies - 2019

The permeation of technology has undoubtedly enhanced the efficiency of supply chains worldwide, as compared to a decade or two ago. However, many traditional challenges that plagued the realm continue to be relevant even today. These include accurately engineering services that cater to the tastes of each customer, foreseeing and eliminating risks before they tend to become enterprise-critical. Risks, in particular, are influenced by several factors such as fluctuations in customer demand, new product launches, and credit availability. Traditionally, the lack of an intelligent strategy to mitigate supply chain challenges has triggered several setbacks for enterprises. Enterprise bosses have started to realize over the years that the failure to forecast risks or hurdles could spell doom for their organizations and the need of the hour is seeking the advice of supply chain experts.

Thus, enterprises whose growth is largely determined by the operation of their supply chains are seeking the guidance of consultants to devise effective strategies to empower their supply chains. In the wake of the unanimous need among organizations for ideal vendors to mitigate traditional supply chain woes, our editorial board conducted a comprehensive study of promising solution providers who are making waves world over. This edition of our magazine, a compilation of 10 Most Promising Supply Chain Consulting/Services Companies - 2019 from across the world, is a result of their efforts. We hope this edition helps these enterprises end their pursuit of a vendor with an ability to revamp service and tailor them so that they are aligned with their organizational goals.

Top Supply Chain Companies

Helps warehousers, e-commerce operators, third-party logistics providers, and distribution companies to manage their inventories with greater speed and accuracy than ever before

ChainSequence delivers innovative consulting solutions for enterprises in the Supply Chain and Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) arena

The company operates direct logistics supply chain operations for customers in the defense, intelligence, and federal government sectors

Ion Channel provides software supply chain assurance and lifecycle risk management to organizations, allowing them to automate security for continuous integration, continuous delivery and cloud deployment and increase the robustness and resilience of their software infrastructure


Helps organizations around the globe automate their supply chains on both the order to cash side and the procure to pay side, thereby reducing time to order fulfilment and improving customer service

Expand Systems

Offers Supply Chain Compression to reduce the design to fabric process in record time

MES, Inc.

Marketing & Engineering Solutions provides supply chain management including supplier selection, quality management, warehousing and JIT shipments supported by state-of-the-art IT systems


Provides the SAP Supply Chain Management (SCM) software that cover everything from demand planning to inventory management

Securimate by Steele Compliance Solutions, Inc.

Steele Compliance Solutions, Inc. is a global compliance intelligence firm offering comprehensive third-party due diligence and Softwareas-a-Service (SaaS) solutions that help organizations comply with regulatory third-party compliance requirements Provides the Simparel SCM provides the tools needed

State of Flux

State of Flux creates a value proposition by standardizing processes, upskilling staff, engendering corporate change, and underpinning SRM with strong technology