T Exponents™: Leveraging Trust and Experience to Transform Supply Chains

Wendy M. Kristek, Chief Executive Officer Trust and experience—two “often-ignored” pillars of business have now proven their significance in the supply chain industry, showcasing how a committed and collaborative relationship between a company and its supply chain partner can ensure success and improve the chances of delivering projects on time and within budget. Based on this philosophy, T Exponents aims to ignite the supply chain marketplace through a combination of experience, repeatable playbook/ methodology, and in-depth industry knowledge.

T Exponents based out of Bellevue, Washington, works with customers across a wide variety of industries to deliver supply chain strategies that enable profitable growth in new and existing markets. T Exponents is led by Chief Executive Officer Wendy M. Kristek and Managing Directors William Joga, and Ken Nowak, each with over 25 years of industry experience.

“Since 2015, we have been developing business strategies and executing transformations that help companies improve their supply chain operations, prepare for supply chain disruption events, and enable profitable growth,” states Nowak.

Many companies see new supply chain technologies, vendors, suppliers, and projects as disruptive to their operations. But supply chain initiatives can also create new opportunities to increase revenue, grow market share, reduce costs, lower risks, shorten lead times, and gain more control and quality over supply chain operations. Supply chain management, optimization, and transformation projects have been used successfully by many organizations to disrupt the status quo and gain a competitive advantage over their competitors.

Supply chain infrastructures must be adaptable to disruption events and changes over which they may have minimal control. Examples include natural disasters, regulation, economic reforms, and political instability, in both domestic and overseas supply chain operations.

T Exponents hires associates with a unique blend of business acumen, operational experience, and industry expertise to help clients transform their supply chains. The company typically employs professionals with more than ten years of industry experience who have led large-scale implementations or transformation efforts. “We understand what it takes to run a business with an ownership-driven mindset. That is the experience factor we look for when we’re recruiting people,” adds Kristek. Trust and experience have been pedestals upon which T Exponents operates.

Occasionally, this experience and ability to deliver the tough messages results in identifying schedule, resource, budget, or delivery risks that others would not. This has resulted in T Exponents declining deals or projects. If they don’t believe they can deliver the project to the highest of standards, or don’t see themselves as a good fit to manage the project, they won’t accept the project. These are the Trust and Experience factors that they bring to the table.

T ExponentsTM Supply Chain Services

T Exponents Supply Chain and Manufacturing Consulting practice provides expertise in areas such as Supply Chain Strategy & Assessment, Supply Chain Disruption Planning, Business Optimization/Transformation, Freight Accounts Payable (FAP) Analysis & Strategy, CDC/RDC/DSD Operations Analysis, Contract & Sourcing Negotiations, International Expansion/Optimization, etc. T Exponents works with supply chain customers across a wide variety of industries to deliver supply chain strategies that improve operations and enable profitable growth in new and existing markets.

Since 2015, We have been Developing Business Strategies, and Executing Transformations that Help Companies Improve their Supply Chain Operations, Prepare for Supply Chain Disruption Events, and Enable Profitable Growth

T Exponents helps enterprises create and manage high-performing, resilient supply chains that drive sustained, profitable growth even in unforeseen situations such as natural disasters, economic changes, or political instability. T Exponents provides a variety of services that helps companies create value through supply chain strategy, assessment, and optimization services.

For a typical Supply Chain Strategy and Assessment project, T Exponents will assess the current state of the business (As-Is state), help define its future state (To-Be state), identify the gaps between the current and future state, and perform a comprehensive gap analysis & gap closure plan. The analysis encompasses the overall operations of the client company, taking into account people, process, and technology (including systems and operations). This includes departments, organization, functions, and the capabilities of the employees, including external and internal vendors. T Exponents suggests smart ways to transit from the current state of the business to its proposed future state, thereby assisting the client in achieving desired business outcomes.

In addition, T Exponents has a history of successfully performing and executing Supply Chain Risk Assessments and developing Disruption/Contingency Planning Playbooks. This process involves assessing your current supply chain and identifying key risks, gaps, and vulnerability areas. T Exponents has a Disruption Playbook that can be customized to meet the needs of your business. This playbook typically includes documentation on key current processes, key stakeholders/decision-makers, key decisions/milestones, outage plans, communication plans, key product & vendor/supplier profiles, and alternative vendors/suppliers & products that can be used during a disruption event. The playbook also includes business continuity plans that will address potential outage scenarios to assess the possibility of unforeseen issues or impacts. It is T Exponents’ recommendation that companies also consider an Emergency Operations Center (EOC) that works at the operations or plant level with predetermined action plans, communication plans, and decision trees, for key customers and suppliers.

Dedicated at Every Step

In one particular instance, T Exponents worked on a significant merger and acquisition project. The client was a publicly-traded company, and the acquiree had defined the criteria for a possible acquisition. Upon engaging with the client, T Exponents implemented its methodology across various divisions within that organization, from sales and marketing to research and development, and legal and accounting functions. The company walked its client stakeholders through the M&A process and playbook step by step, as well as, explained its strategy and project plan to deliver the project successfully. “Since the client was non-union, we also clarified that if there were any dependencies on the union component, it automatically would affect the timeline based on what the client had committed to their shareholders,” states Kristek.

Further, T Exponents shed light on the fact that the client needed dedicated team members for this particular engagement, and to produce the expected ROI, the client should get a set of tasks completed, all the while taking liability for the corresponding financial overheads.

T Exponents mapped out the entire plan with an agile methodology and conducted daily stand-ups with its client, focusing on the progress, issues, roadblocks, and the associated impact of those factors on the business. T Exponents made its client aware of the critical deliverables and negative ROI in case of a failure on their part. Utilizing strategic objectives and a customer-centric approach, T Exponents has supported such complex mergers and divestitures, helping clients create value from M&A quickly and consistently.

T Exponents has a portfolio of domestic & international clients and emphasizes industry best-practices for managing carriers and shippers alike. “We document options for both the carrier and shipper services and help negotiate and facilitate a contractual relationship between the provider and the carrier to achieve a successful end result,” explains Nowak. T Exponents prioritizes every stage of delivery service with equal enthusiasm; be it trucking, shipping, inventory, warehousing, planning or contract, the company draws together all the components of a project and ensures there are no loopholes. “We focus on the clients’ profile and ensure unparalleled dedication through all stages of a project, from origin to destination,” states Kristek.

In a recent engagement with a large retailer, the retailer wanted to replace a critical supplier in one of its regions. To accommodate growth targets in the area (per their five-year strategy), it was determined that a crucial provider would likely not be able to support the expected growth. Based on this decision, the supplier would need to be replaced within a year with potential disruption to over 1000 retail stores.

For this engagement, T Exponents developed a disruption and contingency playbook to handle all potential disruption events for this supplier. Besides, T Exponents also helped with tough labor negotiations and was involved in the entire negotiating phase to find replacement suppliers.

These collaborative client examples demonstrate how T Exponents brings trust, experience, business acumen, and industry expertise to each supply chain engagement to ensure the success of the project and to deliver tangible results.

Propelling Towards the Future

T Exponents already has a strong presence in the Pacific Northwest with headquarters in Bellevue, as well as a regional office in Chicago. T Exponents has plans to further expand in the U.S. “Our growth has predominantly been through word of mouth and client references; this speaks volumes in this day and age to the quality of our work,” states Kristek. The company is looking forward to further expanding into Australia (where Wendy is from) in 18 months.

“Latest technologies, such as the cloud, analytics, and mobile, play a pivotal role in adopting advanced methodologies to improve market share, bring down costs, and attain better control over the entire supply chain activities,” stresses Joga. Technologically, T Exponents will concentrate on tailoring artificial intelligence (AI) for specific inventory tasks in the next 12 to 18 months. The team is currently in discussions with a few clients who deploy AI to accelerate their entire supply chain processes.

“We are looking at ways to perfect how AI is currently being used, and we are going to coordinate it with our product division, by leveraging this technology, we will be able to take our AI component to the next level,” concludes Kristek.

T Exponents™

Mercer Island, WA

Wendy M. Kristek, Chief Executive Officer

T Exponents is a business transformation and strategic technology services firm and its specialties include supply chain/manufacturing services, IT/Business Assessment & Transformation Services, Customer Experience Consulting, Risk/Security/Compliance Services, Asset Valuation/Financial Modelling, Merger & Acquisitions/Relocation Services, and Program/Project Management Consulting. Founded in 2015, headquartered in Bellevue, WA, the company’s mission is to ensure its portfolio contains projects and contributions that directly benefit the local communities. T Exponents’ Product Engineering group includes a global health product and research group with a goal of developing products that improve the overall success of clinical trials for Medical Facilities, Medical Institutions and Pharmaceutical Companies

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