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Kristie Grinnell, VP of IT and Supply Chain & CIO
With millennials shaping up tomorrow’s supply chains, the public sector is faced with unprecedented supply chain management issues related to the dynamism and volatility of what is now a truly global business environment. Faced with challenges of ever-changing customs and international regulations, strict security requirements, diverse assets being shipped, and serving high-threat or obscure global locations, operating supply chain and other logistic services in the federal sector are more complex than commercial markets. However, there is an opportunity for innovation and opportunities for both the commercial and public sector to share best practices. As such, companies like General Dynamics Information Technology (GDIT) are leading the way.

GDIT brings in innovation along with expertise, tools, and technologies to manage logistics and end-to-end supply chains. While public and private sector supply chains are the “two sides of the same coin,” GDIT specializes in implementing the best practices of the commercial supply chain while also meeting the specific needs of the government. GDIT operates one of the largest global supply chains on behalf of the federal government. With the supply chain being caught in a vortex of technological change and government requirements, GDIT leverages insight into both domains to deliver comprehensive supply chain and other logistic services to customers in the defense, intelligence, and federal government sectors.

In addition, GDIT also has a direct supply chain facility, which means the team develops and delivers IT services and solutions to its customers. “As an IT services company, GDIT procures large volumes of servers, routers, and switches to develop an application, infrastructure or solution for the customers,” says Kristie Grinnell VP, IT and Supply Chain and CIO at GDIT.

While complying with the federal acquisition regulations (FAR), export control laws, and many other regulations for enhanced security and fair competition, it becomes challenging for public supply chains to meet the increased demand for faster order delivery. “In an effort to overcome these barriers, we have integrated a variety of commercial products into our government approved systems. These integrations meet the best of both worlds, enable faster delivery worldwide and maintain compliance with all government regulations,” explains Phil Jones, VP, GDIT.
Phil Jones, VP
“We have worked closely with our commercial industry experts and technology partners to improve our order accuracy, increase visibility and ensure our Supply Chain Security.”

Another aspect that makes GDIT unique is its vendor alliance partnership that involves an eco system of companies dedicated to understanding the latest and greatest emerging technologies. GDIT has an extensive partner eco system and incorporates technology such as AI/ML, big data analytics, cyber innovations into direct and indirect supply chains. Leveraging the partner ecosystem, the company delivers commodities ranging in size, complexity, and value, and performs procurement, warehousing, planning, packaging, and shipping. From an inventory control perspective, “We utilize the partnership as well as ML and AI based technology to predict the trends for ensuring sufficient stock,” adds Jones.

“In addition, we have a highly sophisticated warehouse management system with full integration capability for our financial, accounting and procurement systems. We harness the potential of this capability to negotiate better prices and delivery points for repeatedly beating the SLAs,” explains Kristie.

In an effort to overcome the monolithic old school logistics, we have integrated a variety of commercial products into our government approved systems

GDIT is recognized as an award winning Top 100 3PL provider. In the long run, GDIT’s focus is on continually investing in technology while integrating with companies for procurement and supply chain tools. “Initiatives to analyze new tools and technology to identify the risk status and enable efficient data protection are in progress. “We are piloting programs that further enhance our security posture and provide even better better delivery outcomes.” concludes Jones.

General Dynamics Information Technology

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Kristie Grinnell, VP of IT and Supply Chain & CIO and Phil Jones, VP

The company operates direct logistics supply chain operations for customers in the defense, intelligence, and federal government sectors

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