CTSI-Global: Optimizing Dock-to-delivery Visibility

J. Kenneth Hazen, President & CEO
As companies grow and expand their geographic footprint by procuring and selling goods around the globe, supply chains naturally become larger and more complex. Especially in today’s omni-channel world, control over inbound and outbound processes requires detailed visibility on the freight movements and supply chain activities. Operating in an increasingly complex logistics world, today’s organizations are facing a major barrier in finding the right technology that will help shippers manage and control all aspects of their supply chains—physical, informational and financial—within one global database. Realizing the dire need of the supply chain industry is CTSI-Global, which offers an integrated platform to manage all the transactions associated with shipping.

From freight audit to transportation management, CTSI-Global provides a holistic view of transportation activity and shipment status across an increasingly global and multi-modal environment. “Our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based Transportation Management System (TMS) enables shippers to manage their entire transportation process right from strategic planning and optimization, freight consolidation, to freight audit and payment,” states J. Kenneth Hazen, President and CEO, CTSI-Global. TMS reduces transportation costs through a mix of process enforcement, analytics and optimization that cannot be achieved manually.

TMS being a web-based, on-demand system, enables shippers to have unparallel access to transportation data and make strategic decisions that improve supply chain effectiveness. The firm’s workflow and business logic layers present the data to its customers in a way that allows them to “manage by exception”. CTSI-Global dedicates considerable management and consulting efforts toward analyzing each client’s unique shipping operations. The company not only helps businesses manage the pressures of demanding customer requirements, but also turns the supply chain into a competitive advantage. For all applications, the firm offers SaaS and cloud computing to provide security, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness in optimizing their clients’ shipping transactions, while being scalable for even third-party logistics service providers (3PLs).

TMS reduces transportation costs through a mix of process enforcement, analytics and optimization that cannot be achieved manually

In addition, CTSI-Global’s best-in-class Business Intelligence (BI) capability not only provides clients with timely online information, but also analytical reporting, graphing, mapping, drill-down, modeling and benchmarking tools—necessary to achieve ongoing business process optimization. One of the firm’s clients, Technicolor, a leading manufacturer and distributor of DVD’s and CD’s had ‘street dates’—movie on the date promised. These magic dates are the heart of Technicolor’s logistics challenges, which made them open up the box and have a rummage around an efficient system that would give them complete visibility to their shipments any time—day or night. Technicolor chose CTSI-Global to detect possible delivery delays and take steps to ensure on-time delivery prior to the designated street date, resulting in a millions of happy viewers. In addition to providing in-transit tracking visibility, the system gives Technicolor the ability to extend tracking, which includes pre- and post-shipment activity.

Apart from this, CTSI-Global has made significant investments in predictive and prescriptive analytics technologies which provide customers with a snapshot of what happened in the past and also insights on how to proactively adjust processes to improve the supply chain.

To take their success one step ahead, the firm plans to unleash the next generation BI system, called Strategic Data, that integrates data from initial information gathering through the supply chain all the way to manage KPI analytics via drill-down dashboards. “Strategic Data and our full BI system works alongside our TMS and Freight Audit and Pay services for full supply chain synchronization,” concludes Hazen. Building on this success, solid ongoing expansion into every global market is the top priority of the firm.


Memphis, TN

J. Kenneth Hazen, President & CEO

A full-range technology company in the supply chain industry that enables shippers to manage all their supply chain aspects within one global database

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