Apptricity: Supply Chain Execution Specialist

Timothy D.Garcia, President & CEO
Real-time data is driving an industrial revolution today, and at the heart of this wave is the Internet of Things (IoT). The adoption of IoT Machine-to-Machine (M2M) solutions is helping enterprises create intelligent supply networks, drive bottom line revenues and substantially improve their customer and vendor relationships. Built around this idea, the Irving, TX-based Apptricity offers Supply Chain Execution, an advanced mobile solution suite that automates end-to-end supply chain processes. Apptricity’s solutions give commercial and government organizations an exclusively designed, innovative platform to handle complex projects. The cross functional integration engine developed by Apptricity allows customers to create workflow business rules and make UI/UX changes to radically increase adoption rates within their customer base. In addition, the framework connects directly with existing systems and supports a wide variety of mobile platforms including Android, iOS, MarketSoft mobile as well as Blackberry 10.3 and above.

Apptricity’s solutions encompass modules including field services, warehouse management, inventory management, and enterprise asset and fleet management. The company is one of the few players in the market that holds the prowess for enhanced tracking and location verification of assets globally using Global Positioning System (GPS) as well as radio frequency identification (RFID) tags. For instance, the Apptricity Asset tracking module allows enterprises to account for assets while providing them with immediate access to their procurement-to-retirement lifecycle, harnessing the real time data available on web browsers and mobile devices. On the other hand, the field services module combines asset, inventory and work order to help reduce excessive service calls, and loss or lack of equipment while tracking labor hours for specific tasks. The built in reporting features in the system provide insights into operations and related expenses. All Apptricity solutions utilize a common service-oriented architecture (SOA) platform, enabling customers to select solutions from the suite their organization needs for integrated, end-to-end supply chain automation.

Apptricity is armed with extensive experience of collaborating with the U.S. army to mitigate their supply chain woes at the warfront. The company’s partnership with the U.S. army began during the first Gulf War when Apptricity was brought in to counter a major supply chain issue.

Our open architecture allows our clients to basically take ownership of it, for they know their business better than we do

They responded by providing exceptional levels of visibility down to the platoon level that helped the army execute their mission a lot faster. During another mission in Afghanistan, Apptricity created an air movement request system to optimize the movement of personnel and supplies using helicopters and other aircraft. “We at Apptricity are about 100 percent efficiency and customer accessibility,” says Timothy D. Garcia, CEO and President.

“Unlike other big ERP companies, we enable you to select targeted solutions for your company to succeed.”

Apptricity collaborates with their customers, and trains their supply chain execution professionals to attain self-sufficiency for implementing changes in the configuration engine for future. The Apptricity University is an initiative by the company to provide customers with comprehensive instructor-led training programs. “According to Gartner, for every dollar spent on a software product, you spend $16 to get it to work with major ERP solutions,” points out Garcia. “Our open architecture allows clients to basically take ownership of it, for they know their business better than we do.”

Apptricity is set to release version 8.0 of their Supply Chain Execution solution in the near future. Transformational from a perspective of usability and capability, Version 8.0 will be a fully responsive offering, compatible with any mobile device or server/browser. “Did anyone teach your kid how to play a video game?” questions Garcia. “That’s what we want to bring to the enterprise space, where you just have to drag-and-drop and point-and-click to get the right information.”


Irving, TX

Timothy D.Garcia, President & CEO

Provider of IoT and M2M mobile enterprise solutions for supply chain management and spend management