TraceLink: Transforming Life Sciences with Track and Trace Solutions

Shabbir Dahod, President & CEO
As the lack of visibility and a range of new compliance regulations challenge the current life sciences supply chain, most CIOs are looking for enhanced traceability and integrity in their supply chain process. “New regulations in 40 countries will cover more than 75 percent of the global medicine supply by the end of 2018, and to ensure product integrity and achieve global compliance, pharmaceutical companies must adopt track and trace solutions,” explains Shabbir Dahod, President and CEO of TraceLink. TraceLink’s comprehensive track and trace platform, the Life Sciences Cloud, minimizes risk, cost, and time in meeting the new and emerging requirements that vary country by country. The company’s network-tenant platform utilizes a native cloud architecture and is a unique approach to meeting the serialization and supply network challenges facing today’s life science companies.

Although no two countries have the same compliance requirements, serialization has emerged as a common means of achieving global track and trace of medicines through the supply chain. Most laws incorporate some level of serialization, for example, in most situations the product at a unique level will be serialized. Some countries require verification, while others require that product movements be reported to the government as medicines move through the supply chain. The TraceLink Life Sciences Cloud delivers a range of modular SaaS applications and database architectures specifically designed to handle massive sets of serialized track and trace data, and network connectivity to trading partners in ways that on premise, single-tenant systems and relational databases cannot. Companies that subscribe to the Life Sciences Cloud network have access to a broad set of tools and applications that protect product integrity, ensure global track and trace compliance, improve external supply performance and cut operating costs.

By providing complete global connectivity and visibility across the pharmaceutical supply chain, the Life Sciences Cloud leverages cloud computing resources provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS), disseminating real-time data access, while ensuring data consistency for mission-critical operations.
“To manage compliance, pharmaceutical suppliers must process tens of billions of transactions, and in most cases, share that transactional data with their trading partners. Our platform allows all companies across the supply chain to collaborate and exchange data at this scale with ease,” says Dahod.

TraceLink enables supply chain organizations to achieve compliance by integrating once to the Life Sciences Cloud and then linking directly to nearly 200,000 manufacturers, distributors and dispensers that are on the company’s network.

Our mission is to protect patients, enable health, ensure compliance for our customers, and eliminate counterfeiting from the global marketplace

Fostering strong partnerships, TraceLink is growing globally with offices in England, Europe, India, and Brazil. “We will be expanding our roots in Singapore and Japan in early 2016 as well,” informs Dahod. In order to drive more value in every aspect of the supply chain, TraceLink is also opening up its platform and extending its mobile solutions for a more effectual and collaborative supply chain ecosystem. “There’s an estimated $75 billion in counterfeit drugs sales in the market, and every year, anywhere from 200,000 to 1 million people die when counterfeit medicines prevent them from getting the critical health treatment they need. Our mission is to protect patients and enable health, and our sole focus is to transform the life sciences supply chain with the largest track and trace network that ensures compliance for our customers—and eliminates counterfeiting from the global marketplace,” ends Dahod.


North Reading, MA

Shabbir Dahod, President & CEO

Provides pharmaceutical serialization, compliance, track and trace, and supply network performance solutions for the life sciences industry