Agistix: Real-Time Supply Chain Visibility

Trevor Read, President
Commercial supply chains are complex, fraught with disparate systems, and copious amounts of data. “Supply chain organizations are trying to harness the power of big data but lack the tools or resources to manage disparate systems,” says Trevor Read, President of Agistix. Agistix addresses this challenge, by helping enterprises gain real-time visibility into their global supply chain activity and providing them with practical information for smart decision-making.

“Agistix provides spend and tracking visibility across all carriers, modes, suppliers, and regions. Our SaaS platform helps customers manage the entire logistics transaction lifecycle from procurement to payment by not only automating data feeds, but also allowing all users to curate data during the shipment lifecycle,” adds Read. Agistix’s data model and architecture can consume the superset of supply chain data to augment existing systems and truly measure supply chain activity. The company normalizes, correlates and automates data across disparate systems, and makes it available to stakeholders both inside and outside the organization. Global visibility enables organizations to analyze the supply chain impact on operations and customers, and to quickly identify areas for improvement. “With our visibility platform we can take data directly from any carrier, check to see if the transaction exists, and if not, we create a shipment record, rate it against client contract rates and automate tracking updates,” says Read. “We can on-board visibility clients in days without disrupting operations or requiring any internal IT resources.”

Global supply chain ecosystems can be highly fragmented and shipping can be very exception-oriented based on mode, region, commodity, etc. While many systems are still quite primitive, Agistix hopes to eliminate the end-user pain by standardizing shipment data across carriers and modes. “Our mission is to help our clients get true visibility to everything booked on their account numbers in real-time, so at a minimum they can forecast freight spend, manage carrier on-time performance, and supplier routing compliance,” he adds. The visibility solution manages global transportation activity without a client having to contact different carrier websites or other internal systems. Agistix automates the day-to-day shipment activity, records transaction activity for compliance, makes data ‘self-serve’ to parties outside the organization, and provides a superior way to manage exceptions.
A $13 billion frozen food company needed a centralized solution that could proactively identify shipments that were in jeopardy of missing required delivery dates. The Agistix solution integrates directly with the company’s ERPs and correlates order data with transit data provided by more than 150 carriers. With the Agistix solution, all departments have visibility to carrier shipments in a single, centralized location–a single version of the truth–centralized reporting and exception management.

Agistix also works with a $30 billion aerospace and defense contractor to centralize negotiated rates, streamline shipment execution across carriers and modes, and standardize shipment documentation. Suppliers easily rate and book inbound and 3rd party shipments and automatically adhere to routing compliance and document requirements. With the additional visibility feeds from their carriers, the firm now has one place to measure global supply chain performance and can accurately forecast global spend.

With our real-time visibility platform we help clients monitor, manage, and measure global supply chain activity across all carriers and modes regardless of how or where the shipment was booked

Centralized logistics visibility is not only critical to monitoring costs, deliveries, and compliance, but also for data ownership, data curation, and strategic planning. Organizational understanding of the entire shipment lifecycle is what empowers companies to make smart decisions across the entire supply chain and traditional supply chain software and ERPs simply aren’t equipped to do it. “Our key distinction is providing clients of all size with a flexible and scalable supply chain infrastructure so we can focus on constructing solutions that seamlessly integrate into customer’s existing workflow,” adds Read.


San Mateo, CA

Trevor Read, President

Agistix enables companies with complex supply chains to obtain real-time in-transit and spend visibility for shipments across all modes and regions