Adexa: Integrating Financial Planning and Supply Chain Planning

Cyrus Hadavi, CEO
To keep pace with the competitive global marketplace, supply chain systems are becoming more complex due to the increase in velocity of the supply chain and response time to customers. To overcome these issues, CIOs require systems that can manage a high level of complexity with 100 percent uptime and robust security, given the constant widespread cyber attack threats. For an efficient supply chain process, organizations need a fast and qualitative solution to reduce the time taken to execute their supply chain planning. Fulfilling these requirements, “We deliver integrated business planning and performance management solutions that efficiently link strategic planning, financial planning, and supply chain planning in real-time,” says Dr. Cyrus Hadavi, CEO, Adexa.

Adexa offers a comprehensive suite of integrated business planning solutions, delivering an enhanced customer service at lower cost and lower inventory, with improved visibility. The company’s unique Enterprise Global Planning System (eGPS) includes real-time enterprise Supply Chain Planning, Sales and Operation Planning, performance management, Network and Inventory Optimization, and intelligent collaboration.

Companies are living entities changing all the time. Supply chain apps need to change with the business. Attribute-Based Planning (ABP) is intended to make that possible. “As the business rules change, so can the attributes, defined by the users, making the software very malleable and the implementation fast and economical,” notes Hadavi. In the absence of attributes, enterprises will have to adopt programming to change their software behavior which makes the application very rigid and expensive to implement. Based in Los Angeles, CA, Adexa’s attribute-based applications enable an organization to quickly and efficiently mold their application with their existing environment. Adexa’s ability to offer attribute-based planning and a unified data model makes the company stand out from its market competitors.

“Planning has always been our core competence.Thousands of years of combined experience of our designers, developers, and consultants make Adexa very unique in what we do,” affirms Hadavi.

Team Adexa serves as a true partner of their Fortune 2000 customers and solves their most difficult and complex supply chain planning problems by delivering best in class products.
As an example, Adexa worked with a multi-billion dollar high tech company in Silicon Valley that wanted to improve its global supply chain visibility and reduce their inventory at every level of the supply chain. Implementing Adexa’s attribute-based planning solutions enabled the client to successfully perform accurate supply demand matching, identify how to use available work-in-progress, and perform sales and operation planning in an almost real-time fashion, and satisfy customer orders through Real-time ATP.

We deliver integrated business planning and performance management solutions that efficiently link strategic planning, financial planning, and supply chain planning in real-time

In addition, Adexa’s Multi Echelon Inventory Optimization (MEIO) enables its users to decide the amount of raw material, Work In Progress (WIP), finished goods, and Distribution Center (DC) storage required for each product at any given time. “MEIO is a mathematical optimization engine, which finds optimal solutions for the right balance between the costs of keeping inventory versus service level,” explains Hadavi. On the other hand, Adexa’s predictive analytics solution helps users understand the factors contributing to their performance and how to transform their operational decisions to change to their desired financial outcome.

Adexa’s unique solutions enable clients to perform predictive analytics on the supply side, assess risk, and manage financials in the future-based on the expected demand and potential exposures in meeting that demand and what can be done if plan A goes wrong. With the aim of enhancing the intelligence of their applications, Adexa will soon be incorporating learning systems into their applications. “We will ensure that the applications can automatically adapt and mold themselves according to the requirements of the enterprise for better productivity. This will be a new era in supply chain planning solutions,” concludes Hadavi.


Los Angeles, CA

Cyrus Hadavi, CEO

Provider of comprehensive suite of integrated business planning system, for an enhanced customer service at lower cost and inventory, enabling customers to practice real-time supply chain planning

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