LynnCo Supply Chain Solutions: Enhanced Logistics Performance by Simplifying the Supply Chain

Wendy Buxton, President
The rising cost of supply chain in industries like automotive and aerospace has become a major concern for companies—there is a constant struggle to achieve sustainable cost reductions. The concept of instant consumerism where one can get value added services including price diminution and result in cost savings, is yet to influence the manufacturing, aerospace, automotive industry. “Even though these sectors are not high velocity or commodity based supply chain, they want to create competitive differentiation around instant consumerism. Customers now want instant updates or trackable technologies to know the location of the shipment and its estimated time of arrival to the destination, within a fixed budget,” says Wendy Buxton, President, LynnCo Supply Chain Solutions.

Every single day, LynnCo optimizes an organization’s supply chain. They ensure that what worked yesterday will work even better tomorrow—no matter what challenges come their way. The company’s proprietary optimization engine and analytics platform helps clients translate relevant data into business intelligence, making it easy to see and improve business activities that affect supply chain performance and cost. Their technology easily connects orders, shipments, and freight invoices for complete supply chain visibility from start to finish. They strategically deploy supply chain dashboards and metrics offering continuous optimization, enabling clients to be prepared for unplanned events—resulting in a more predictable supply chain.

LynnCo develops Supplier Accountability solutions specifically for its customer base, a concept not widely recognized in the automotive and aerospace industry. “We started out as a transportation company and found that our customers were expecting us to impact on-time delivery of the products. However, the process was being delayed due to late feedback from clients on faulty shipments,” reveals Buxton. As a solution, LynnCo backed up the entire transportation process and built a compliance function. This routine helps identify any faulty product in the shipments by rechecking the materials being shipped.

LynnCo's comprehensive SuiteEdge technology provides a centralized control of supply chain activities, while capturing every detail needed to easily make informed, cost-saving decisions.
Regardless of who pushes the buttons, SuiteEdge gives customers consistent and timely information, making it a trusted supply chain advisor for daily and long-term supply chain management. As a fully-hosted web-based tech suite, SuiteEdge is easy to adopt, requiring no capital expenditures to develop or maintain. It represents a “best of breed” approach with innovative programming specifically designed to empower LynnCo's cost saving strategies, making it the only supply chain management program of its kind.

We empower the clients to be productive by minimizing production delays and unnecessary costs due to incorrect order fulfillment and late deliveries

Recently, LynnCo helped a client in the automotive industry decide if shifting some of its U.S. manufacturing units to Mexico, was a profitable move. In their engagement, LynnCo created a scenario to help the client understand the advantages and disadvantages of the proposed move. “After close inspection, we realized that the risks involved in shifting to Mexico were, weak infrastructure, additional costs associated with cross border movement, and product quality. Our SuiteEdge solution helped the client minimize these risks within the supply chain by efficiently monitoring the movement of products,” explains Buxton. Through LynnCo’s solution, the client was able to track the status of their products and prevent mishaps effectively as the client moved their base to Mexico.

The innovativeness and robustness of the company’s solutions are the reasons behind their success. Moving forward, “Our aim is to grow in depth and quality of what we can bring forth to the industry. We want to be a brand name built around a premium and quality service at low cost, to simplify the supply chain management,” concludes Buxton.

LynnCo Supply Chain Solutions

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Wendy Buxton, President

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