Adexa: Uniquely linking Financial Planning to Supply Chain Planning

Dr. K.Cyrus Hadavi, CEO & Chairman
Most CIO’s are used to delivering ERP and other transactional systems, but supply chain planning systems are a different kind of animal.

Dr. K. Cyrus Hadavi, CEO of Adexa, feels that the biggest challenge for the CIOs involved in supply chain is to provide the right platform for lowering the cost of operations, and at the same time making sure that goods are delivered on time. “Solutions that are flexible enough to grow with the business and can scale for fast planning cycles are what Adexa can uniquely offer its clients,” says Dr. Hadavi. Adexa is a leading provider financial, Sales and Operations Planning solutions (FSOP). “The latter, can show the financial consequences of all the operational decisions that are to be made,” Dr. Hadavi further stated.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, the company offers best-of-breed SIOP solutions to its global customers in five continents, for the past 20 years. Adexa’s intelligent enterprise business planning and performance management solutions link strategic, financial and supply chain planning with a unique technology referred to as Attribute Based Planning (ABP). “ABP is a technology that Adexa developed in order to enable our applications to mold into the distinctive business processes of each of our customers at a very low cost of ownership,” says Dr. Hadavi. In the absence of ABP, one needs a perpetual crew of programmers to constantly change the code and customize the application as the business changes. With ABP, one only needs to change the attributes of the objects. The company’s solutions are built on a uniform data model; and synchronize corporate planning with operations planning and execution within one Data Model to ensure that assets are allocated efficiently to achieve business objectives.

Sales and Operations Planning, Inventory Planning, Demand Planning, Supply Chain Planning and Factory Planning & Scheduling are the key solutions offered by the company. Adexa's Sales and Operations Planning solution enables customers to optimize inventory buffers across the supply chain, reduce lead-times, and significantly increase on-time delivery.

The latter, can show the financial consequences of all the operational decisions that are to be made

With Adexa’s Multi Echelon Inventory Optimization (MEIO) module clients can set inventory levels based on their desired servicelevel commitments and at the same time optimize the cost of carrying inventory. The Demand Planning module gives customers an environment for collaboration and timely management of demand streams. This collaborative forecasting and replenishment solution brings speed, accuracy, and simplicity to demand planning; enabling customers to increase revenue, organizational agility, and customer service.

Adexa’s clients are amongst the Fortune 500 companies around the world, in many different industries, including High Tech, Semiconductors, CPG, and Heavy Industries. A solid example of the kind of value Adexa can deliver is a global steel producer in North America. It faced numerous challenges amongst them were inadequate delivery performance, inventories above financial targets, and lack of a cohesive demand planning and forecasting processes and systems. The client then decided to implement Adexa’s solution to complement their existing SAP© ERP solution. Consequently, the solution made significant improvements in lowering the inventory and on-time delivery of the products to their customers, most of which are in the automotive industry.

Going forward, Adexa will soon be offering its supply chain solutions on mobile devices, so that the users can be notified, make decisions and collaborate with their business partners and colleagues, wherever they are, and at any time!


Los Angeles, CA

Dr. K.Cyrus Hadavi, CEO & Chairman

Delivering intelligent enterprise business planning and performance management solutions that link financial planning, and supply chain planning in a unified platform.

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