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HTML5 Makes Job Easy for Collaborators in Supply Chain Ecosystem

By CIOReview | Thursday, April 9, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Before HTML5 happened, developers felt the pain of building apps for each platform such as Android, iOS, and Windows individually that inadvertently raised the cost of app development. With HTML5 this challenge is addressed as users only need a browser to access an app regardless of the platform which it is built upon. Simon Wieczner, the President and CEO of Snowbound Software, believes that HTML5 has made a profound impact on the way supply chain management is carried out.

In an article to Manufacturing Business Technology, Wieczner talks about the challenges plaguing the supply chain management: the inability to view shared documents; difficulty in managing, viewing and editing scanned and saved documents in various formats including JPEG and PDF; difficulty in viewing documents of various other file formats.

“A pure HTML document viewer largely eliminates these challenges by simplifying the requirements for users and streamlining document access across the supply chain,” says Wieczner, reports

With HTML5, using just a computer with internet connection, collaborators across supply chain can implement one viewer/editor for accessing all documents. As management of documents is done by a central administrator who can set various levels of permission levels, security is taken to a higher level.

The HTML5 viewer can limit the access of the information depending upon the sensitivity of the information as recognized by the administrator. The documents can be accessed none but the HTML5 viewer which accesses the redacted content in a secure manner.

Cost benefits are also on the table as collaborators in supply chain ecosystem do not need to spend big money on expensive applications. Just a simple web page delivers the goods to view and manage the events.