20 Most Promising Supply Chain Tech Solution Providers - 2018

20 Most Promising Supply Chain Tech Solution Providers - 2018

With the advent of modern technologies and internet-based software, the face of Supply Chain is evolving. From acquiring raw materials to production, shipments and final destinations, supply chain heavily relies on digital technologies that help increase efficiency and productivity. This changing landscape presents businesses with a chance to capitalize on innovative marketing techniques to streamline their processes while maintaining their position in today’s highly competitive marketplace.

With enhanced analytics, modern solutions enable enterprises to optimize transportation performance, product tracking and traceability to analyze product ROI. These solutions leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide insightful data to shippers and carriers for unprecedented visibility into their supply chain operations helping them streamline their day to day efforts and reduce operational costs. Organizations are also looking at IoT and blockchain to significantly augment the value of their supply chain operations. While IoT can track and monitor various aspects of the product, blockchain can capture key facts along the product life cycle that can foster root cause analysis and process optimization.

As the supply chain sector emerges to be a vast field of possibilities in terms of technology, organizations are looking for supply chain solution providers that match their needs. To help companies choose the best solution provider, CIOReview brings forth a competitive list of the best service providers in the supply chain field. The listing provides a look into how the solutions in this domain are put into use, so that you can gain a comprehensive understanding of how they will optimize your business processes.

We present to you “20 Most Promising Supply Chain Tech Solution Providers - 2018”.

Company Name

Company Description

Block Array Provides integrated blockchain solutions that improve item tracking and product information for 3PLs and supply chain management companies
BLUJAY SOLUTIONS LTD A supplychain company that deals with logistics and trasportation software and services
Bossard Delivers excellence and innovation in fastening technology
Budbo Token International Utilizes blockchain technology to tackle the transparency, regulations, and compliance facets in the cannabis supply chain
Descartes Systems Group A multinational technology company that specializes in logistics software,supply chain management software, and cloud based services for logistics business
Entercoms Provides proprietary solutions for post-sales service supply chain management
Epicor A global business software company that is aimed at manufacturing, distribution, retail, and service industries
Fleet Logistics The company helps businesses in tracking and managing their shipments more closely through its global distribution system
Infor A multi national privately held enterprise software company that focuses on business applications for organiztions and delivers via cloud computing as a service
J.B. Hunt Transport A Fortune 500 company that specializes in providing 360-degree supply chain visibility and making transportation management easy and accessible from anywhere
Jaggaer An internet and software services provider of cloud based business automation solution for spend management
JDA Software A consultancy company providing supply chain management, manufacturing planning, retail planning, and collaborative category management solution
Kinaxis A supply chain management and oprration planning software company that deals with supply planning, capacity planning, demand planning, and inventory management
Manhattan Associates A leader in supply chain commerece solution provider that deals with building technology solution that solves the biggest problems in supply chain
nVision Global nVision Global specializes in providing freight bill invoice audit, payment, TMS Soutions and logistics management services
Oracle Corporation A computer technology corporation that specializes in developing and marketing database software and technology
RightChain The company provides the analytics, methodology, education, and consulting to develop and manage supply chains
SAP A market leader in enterprise application software that fights the damaging effects of complexity and generate new opportunities for innovation and growth
Task Performance Group Facilitates B2B e-commerce data exchange using Azure Cloud
TechSera Focused on consulting services and product development in the supply chain ecosystem