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Erik Bush, Co-Founder and CEO
VUCA—volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity—describes the current situation in the supply chain space. With rapidly increasing global competition, thanks largely to the internet creating a more open trading paradigm, companies are tasked with constantly managing volatile and dramatic market conditions. While trying to address a broad range of customer needs through product proliferation, businesses everywhere are focusing on effectively optimizing their operations. Massive ERP implementations fall short of bringing about a desired change, and businesses continue to struggle with core supply chain challenges and poor inventory turnover rates.

In 2011, Erik Bush, a 30-year IBM veteran who served as the VP of Operations for IBM’s Global Business Services units in Europe and the Americas, took up the mantle to address the fundamental issues associated with supply chains and subsequently co-founded Demand Driven Technologies. Today, the company has positioned itself as a world leader of cutting-edge supply chain solutions through Intuiflow (formely known as Replenishment+) – the first software to be powered by the innovative demand driven methods (DDMRP, DDS&OP, DDOM). The recent addition of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies to their suite enables identifying patterns in demand with more speed, precision, and reliability than ever before. Consequently, the company’s clients are able to achieve improved material planning competencies with agile production and scheduling capabilities.

“Our philosophy revolves around planning material procurement and manufacturing based on the most accurate demand signal possible - the actual consumption in the market,” states Bush. DDMRP ensures that the true sales order demand and related requirements for materials are in alignment, enabling clients to obtain a better on-time in-full order fill rates while concurrently lowering inventory levels. Demand Driven Technologies’ solution provides increased stability and responsiveness while providing a better way for users to recognize their real business priorities.
The platform also delivers exceptional results in terms of compressing planning lead times and stabilizing operations, ensuring that each client witnesses a tangible and sustainable benefit.

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Demand Driven Technologies assisted Coca-Cola Beverages Africa in rolling out their products to nine countries in sub-Saharan Africa. After reaching out to Bush for his team’s expertise, the globally known beverage producer witnessed substantial improvements in their order fill rates and realized major reductions in stocked items. The client observed a 13% reduction in stock-outs while on-time in-full (OTIF) deliveries increased by 12%. The African region was an emerging market and the ease-of-use that Intuiflow encompassed while providing clear recommendations were significant for Coca-Cola, allowing it to gain maximum value from the collaboration.

Over the years, Demand Driven Technologies has had several such successes and built a loyal and ever-growing client base, including many well-known global brands. Moving forward, the company is focusing on utilizing AI and ML to simplify the management of supply chain complexities while enhancing the user experience and increasing automation and trust in the system recommendations. The best-of-breed solution proffered by Demand Driven Technologies paves the way for differentiation for manufacturing distributors across the globe, simplifying the process of managing one’s materials effectively and prioritizing production cost-effectively.

Demand Driven Technologies

Atlanta, GA

Erik Bush, Co-Founder and CEO

Demand Driven Technologies was created in 2011 with the goal of assisting manufacturers and distributors in being more responsive. The company's Demand Driven supply chain solutions have set the bar for dependability and performance in the industry

Demand Driven Technologies