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Giovanni Stone, Sr. Vice President
The boom in e-commerce has sparked a flurry of activity in storage and distribution space. It is driving warehouses and distribution facilities to innovate their existing, obsolete material handling systems. These companies need intelligent execution of their assets and manpower to optimize productivity. Although automation is paving the way for efficiency across various business sectors, its adoption in the supply chain management space is yet to take off fully. Wynright is determined to change this scenario.

Daifuku Wynright offers automated operating systems coupled with dense storage solutions that take advantage of vertical space, helping businesses gear up and manage the surge in ecommerce. The company focuses on warehousing, ecommerce, and omnichannel fulfillment. As a subsidiary of Daifuku, the world’s largest material handling firm, Wynright provides a range of services, from layered to automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS) solutions.

“We have more global ASRS installations than any other company,” says Giovanni Stone, Sr. Vice President of Wynright.

Daifuku Wynright’s product portfolio includes a wide variety of superior quality ASRS offerings, such as conveyor sortation systems, shuttle racks, goods-to-person stations and cranes. These ASRS solutions can redirect the workforce from mundane and dangerous tasks to safer and more important responsibilities, addressing labor shortages and hiring challenges in the competitive landscape.

Along with automation, Daifuku Wynright’s expertise extends from engineering to integration, which is perfected using their in-house software. The company’s solutions are deployed based on the client’s requirements, and they function as bodily organs, while the software connects them like the brain, allowing them to operate as a single entity.

Daifuku Wynright’s functional chain of operations is backed by a robust support team, both operational and mechanical, that puts the customer first. To facilitate better client service, their consulting, internal applications, solution engineering, execution, and manufacturing all come under one roof. Being a vertically integrated company is rare, and this highlights Daifuku Wynright among its contenders.
“We provide innovative solutions that meet a client’s business needs, and we do that through data analytics, simulation and emulation, and system design that integrates our internal products with other proven technologies.” says Stone.

Data analytics and consulting help Daifuku Wynright gain a better understanding of the challenges faced by their clients. The company addresses these obstacles by providing bespoke services, either internally or through third-party solutions that best meet the client’s needs.

In one instance, Daifuku Wynright was able to address a client’s storage constraint issues. Blue Bell Creameries, an ice cream manufacturing firm with 7,700 storage locations, faced a dilemma, as refrigerated space is expensive. Blue Bell Creameries stores pallets of ice cream at a temperature of –20 degrees Fahrenheit. The pallets are rotated in and out of the facility. They needed a solution that could automate their operational process, enhance storage and maximize their available square footage. Daifuku Wynright’s sorter transfer vehicles (STV) were able to automate the movement of products in the facility. The storage temperatures are harsh for humans to work in for prolonged periods, but these automated STVs can withstand extreme temperatures. Daifuku Wynright’s unit load ASRS was able to make use of vertical space, doubling storage capacity.

We have more global ASRS installations than any other company

Many businesses are just getting started with automation. To avoid obstacles and ensure a smooth transition, Daifuku Wynright’s team communicates with an embedded member of the client’s operating team. This allows Daifuku Wynright to assess the current situation and improve their service.

The company is trusted for its globally proven services, which have resulted in extraordinary growth. Warehouse and distribution facilities have started the shift to automation, and Daifuku Wynright is working toward making this transition as fruitful as possible.

Daifuku Wynright

Bolingbrook, IL

Giovanni Stone, Sr. Vice President

The company is a subsidiary of Daifuku that primarily focuses on distribution and supply chain management, specializing in warehouse, e-commerce, and omni-channel fulfillment.

Daifuku Wynright