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David Watson, President
Looking to boost customer satisfaction and business process efficiency? An innovative approach to supply chain management (SCM) can position enterprises for success. With a history of boom and bust, the oil and gas industry is characterized by a need for speed and flexibility. Additionally, oil and gas companies are facing increased competition from renewable energy applications, driving an even greater pressure for efficiency. Companies believe that emerging technologies and agile SCM for tubular products will improve business process efficiency and maintain competency in this ever-changing market. However, over-stacked and fragmented IT infrastructures can create skepticism in implementing new technologies, which can outweigh a company’s zeal to transform. Texas-based SC Global Tubular Solutions (SCGTS) is successfully changing this industry narrative. SCGTS offers an SCM solution that integrates fragmented systems, creates uniformity across data sets, and uncovers new analytics for the tubular segment of the oil and gas industry.

SCGTS—a wholly owned subsidiary of Sumitomo Corporation—provides a customized SCM optimization solution built on an integrated digital infrastructure to ensure oil and gas companies run their businesses efficiently. Within Sumitomo Corporation’s tubular segment, SCGTS capitalizes on its supply chain expertise and spearheads SCM projects with a ‘scalpel’ approach to optimize business processes and apply new technologies for enhanced speed, flexibility, and visibility. “We observe, investigate and analyze the changes in the market, and think outside the box to improve the overall supply chain performance,” states Rohith Mathew, VP of Technology Solutions at SCGTS.

The team at SCGTS leveraged its innovative ideologies for conceiving inventory management solutions and led the tubular industry in the development of an internal proprietary system called Tubular Information Management System (TIMS). This proprietary system is a foundation to implement the latest technologies. SCGTS’ experienced supply chain team is focused on eliminating wasteful steps and helping companies optimize performance for standard operations like inventory handling, storage, maintenance, logistics, health and safety, and quality inspection. “We bring the ability to create world-class customized business processes and inventory management solutions with an experienced team that can span both operations and technical aspects of the clients’ supply chains,” says Mathew.

The onboarding process at SCGTS begins with understanding and managing the clients’ existing processes while its team—comprising seasoned operational specialists, software developers, and technologists—designs new ones based on the clients’ technological, procedural and data requirements.
Rohith Mathew, VP of Technology Solutions
“The way we work is born from understanding and pioneering material management and material handling. We first tailor the processes as per the clients’ requirements, and then move to the technology implementation stage,” explains David Watson, President at SCGTS.

SCGTS recently leveraged its expertise and capabilities in transforming supply chains to assist one of its global clients to improve their stock control accuracy. As Watson recalls, “We were called in to contain a situation which had become a downward spiral of stock activity challenges resulting in high levels of surplus materials. This required implementing a fundamental level of control.” SCGTS’ team evaluated the stock and purchasing processes and deployed a forecasting system to improve stock performance by over 99 percent. Backed by SCGTS’ network of distribution and global supply of materials, the client continued their drilling program with an effective decrease in stock from over 200 million to 75 million, while drilling operations were up 30%. “We are a company with high integrity and a long-term view, delivering high value through our people, the processes we use, and the technology we employ,” Watson adds. Having transitioned from a traditional trading model to an integrated, service-rich, supply chain model, SCGTS assists Sumitomo Corp Tubular Group to construct long-term relationships with its clients, adds value to their businesses, and helps them remain competitive in an often volatile market.

With its primary focus on digitalization initiatives across the supply chain, including implementation of blockchain and IoT applications, SCGTS continues to dive deeper in the digital world and modernize its existing internal systems, while developing innovative solutions utilizing brand new applications and technologies. Not resting on its laurels, SCGTS is leveraging big data analytics in order to enhance business decision making, strategy development, and critical thinking capabilities for itself and its customers. In addition to synchronizing processes, or process compression as SCGTS calls it, the firm believes long-term relationships with its clients allow for the collaborative creation of additional business value. “We are proponents of data democracy, the idea that data sharing across enterprises improves processes, which drives SCGTS’ and our customers’ success,” Mathew concludes.

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David Watson, President and Rohith Mathew, VP of Technology Solutions

SC Global Tubular Solutions provides customized Supply Chain Management (SCM) process optimization, total cost solutions, and integrated digital infrastructure for customers in the global energy sector

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