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Jaymie Forrest, President & CEO
“It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data.” This famous statement by Sherlock Holmes holds true in today’s data-driven business landscape. Companies are investing in technologies to harvest and analyze data for better insights into customer behavior, demographics, product flows and business processes. However, a lack of easy integration, data standardization, visibility and synchronization pose a challenge for companies seeking to put this data to use--especially in supply chain management. This shortcoming makes it difficult to manage processes in real-time, creating inefficiencies that increase operating expenses and impact the supply chain as a whole. “Every company is harvesting data. But without the proper means to capture data from trading partners, normalize the collected data into useable information, manage processes and monitor exceptions, companies can’t leverage their supply chain as a competitive advantage,” says Jaymie Forrest, president and CEO, Activ Technologies.

Founded in 2012, Activ has converged its resources to develop ActiVate, a cloud-based platform for digitally connected, real-time supply chain management. Built to empower digital supply chains, the ActiVate platform connects different participants of a supply chain, offering greater visibility into the complex network of customers and suppliers. This allows businesses to gather critical information and standardize it so they can more efficiently coordinate, optimize, and manage their end-to-end supply chains. Additionally, ActiVate improves data integrity while leveraging machine learning and predictive analytics to make more informed decisions. Speaking of the various features offered by ActiVate, Forrest quips, “We are a solid foundation for any business looking to digitally transform its supply chain.”

ActiVate’s real-time insights into complex supply chains provide businesses with synchronized forecasts, production, order, and inventory management as well as distribution capabilities, improving operational efficiencies and effectiveness.

Activ is working closely with customers and solution providers to become the platform of choice for transforming digital supply chains

Companies can share forecasts and production plans with suppliers while receiving alerts on materials and order changes in real-time by leveraging the ActiVate platform. It also brings visibility to order and inventory management, along with shipment transparency. This feature lets trading partners participate in the sales, inventory and operations planning process while dramatically improving supply chain execution. “As an enterprise CIO, I suffered through too many painful integrations. That’s why we designed ActiVate for virtually painless integration that provides a platform for data normalization and management,” explains Garland Duvall, Activ’s CTO.

By providing advanced cloud-based supply chain management, ActiVate goes well beyond simple collaboration to achieve real-time synchronization for all OEMs, suppliers, distributors, and customers in the supply chain. Supply chain information is augmented by configurable rules that automate supply chain processes and enable improved decision-making. “This synchronization turns the supply chains into powerful value chains,” says the CEO. Recently, an aerospace and defense leader, Aerojet Rocketdyne, reached out to Activ to help automate the process to create a chain of custody for every part in their supply chain operations. Aerojet today has end-to-end visibility of parts from their initial arrival, through the assembly process, until the final delivery to a customer.

Known for its responsive customer service and rapid onboarding, the present goal for Activ is to make ActiVate the first choice as a platform for digital supply chain transformation. Currently managing data for over 50 brands and 5,000 sites and 1.3 million schedules, Activ is well on its way. Activ helps customers unleash the potential of a digital supply chain on a larger scale raising fill rates, increasing inventory turns, boosting customer service, and improving operating margins.

Activ Technologies, Inc. News

Activ Technologies Recently Selected by Aerojet Rocketdyne to Build Innovative Supplier Portal

Activ Technologies, a leading provider of supply chain collaboration software, was recently selected by Aerojet Rocketdyne to build a proprietary supplier portal as part of an ongoing commitment to streamline receiving operations. The tool commissioned by Aerojet Rocketdyne, a world-recognized aerospace and defense leader, will ultimately be used to increase packing slip accuracy, reduce receipt time, and aid in accounting reconciliation.

Activ Technologies was selected based on a combination of several factors, including product capability, pricing, and the overall quality of customer support services.

"Using the technology provided by Activ has completely streamlined our receiving operations. We now consistently receive a consolidated packing slip that contains all of the required information, embedded within a single barcode,” says Jim Schmidt, Sr. Analyst at Aerojet Rocketdyne. “Having the ability to scan the barcode during the receiving process allows Aerojet Rocketdyne to properly track receipts and increase the reconciliation and payment to our suppliers."

The entrance into the aerospace industry comes at a time of rapid growth for Activ Technologies, who has recently announced the expansion of both their leadership team and Board of Directors.

“We are thrilled to announce the addition of Aerojet Rocketdyne to the Activ Technologies customer base,” said Gary Becker, Vice President of Activ Technologies. “We are proud to work with such innovative and respected clients, and we feel this recent partnership continues to elevate Activ’s position as one of the country’s leading providers of supply chain solutions.”

Activ Technologies, Inc.

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Jaymie Forrest, President & CEO and Garland Duvall, CTO

A cloud-based platform that digitally transforms processes for real-time integration, visibility and management of the supply chain

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