Blue Ridge: Modernizing Supply Chain Management

Greg White, CEO
“Many retailers and distributors are examining their supply chain and challenging the status quo,” begins Greg White, CEO of Blue Ridge. “There is growing recognition that commerce today is posing challenges that require new methodologies and technologies.” To this end, Blue Ridge makes it possible for retailers and distributors to quickly increase revenue and lower costs with precision forecasting and planning through their cloud-native technology. “Our vision is saving commerce from the status quo. Helping our customers capitalize on consumer data by translating it into supply chain plans and action,” notes White. The Atlanta, GA based Blue Ridge offers an enterprise-class supply chain planning solution, built in the cloud with 24/7 proactive real-time monitoring of supply chain performance and activity.

With the rapidly changing and complex requirements of the present commerce landscape, Blue Ridge’s solution helps improve inventory performance and optimize inventory investments to positively impact the bottom line. “Our solution analyzes every transaction to understand the consumer more deeply, predict sales more precisely, and ultimately plan and position goods in the most effective way possible,” asserts White. Blue Ridge’s demand-driven solutions enable customers to increase revenue at lower costs by delivering an unprecedented level of precision and accuracy to forecast, plan, and purchase inventory at the right time, without incurring excess inventory cost.

The firm’s solution is designed to provide the flexibility to accommodate the unique requirements of client businesses. It goes beyond supply chain management services and builds organizational value to enhance custom team development programs and short-term advisory engagements to drive sustainable results. Blue Ridge solution considers the logistics constraints and rules specific to customers’ supply chain, and builds a well-optimized plan.

Adding further credence is the firm’s CLARITY—a new generation inventory management and buying solution. CLARITY ensures that the right process is enabled at all times for every buyer.

Our solution analyzes every transaction to understand the consumer more deeply, predict sales more precisely, and ultimately plan and position goods in the most effective way

Built on the proven 7 Principles of Buying, CLARITY offers a breakthrough in equipping buyers as investors. With CLARITY, buyers see the big picture and problem areas that are highlighted efficaciously. Through this, clients can solve the problem and then return to a strategic course, poising to reinvest.

“The sustained success of our clients is our primary focus,” says White. “Our goal has always been to connect the supply chain directly to consumers, enabling them to meet the needs of the empowered consumer with new levels of efficiency.” In one instance, Blue Ridge assisted Home Hardware—a co-op wholesaler with three distribution centers across Canada—achieve visibility through reporting. The company currently works with more than 2,600 suppliers and services its four banners—Home Hardware, Home Hardware Building Centers, Home Building Centres, and Home Furniture. Maintaining the inventory for each of these brands was becoming costly and cumbersome, creating inefficiencies in both time and stock levels. With the adoption of Blue Ridge’s CLARITY, the co-op witnessed a 10 percent reduction in excess inventory and safety stock and a 2.5 percent increase in service levels to stores.

Blue Ridge backs every technology deployment with a unique level of support and monitors customer performance, aiding them capitalize on every opportunity and pre-empt disruptions. “We are looking forward to bringing together the industry’s best and brightest to network, share knowledge, and learn about the latest strategies that are shaping the future of supply chain,” concludes White.

Blue Ridge

Atlanta, GA

Greg White, CEO

Provides revolutionary cloud-native supply chain planning technology specifically designed for retail and distribution